When the weather gets warmer, the options to stay in shape are greatly increased. The sun and the air just feel great! However, many options can sometimes lead to indecision. Don’t worry, I got you covered. The following 5 activities will absolutely provide you with a quick yet effective workout when you feel like going outside to

Vacation Eating Guide

I already know what you’re saying… Rob, the whole point of vacation is so you don’t have to have an eating guide! And I would agree… mostly. Vacation is a time to kick back and loosen up a bit on the dieting that you have been doing year round to get into vacation shape. However,
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Vacation Workout Guide

Summer is here, and chances are that if you go to the gym or care at all about your health and fitness, then Summer is a big deal. At some point, you will probably be shirtless, or in a swim suit. You actually want to look like you care! You want to show off the
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Let’s face it… dieting is a battle. Our bodies are hard wired to endure. Survival is the reason why adrenaline kicks in when we exercise, its the reason why the full severity of an injury is not felt until some time has passed, and it’s also the reason why it is so damn hard to
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How to Deadlift – Part 3

In part 1 of this series, I explored the essential mobility requirements for a proper deadlift. In part 2, I went through my teaching progression for learning the proper movement patterns involved in a deadlift. In this article, I will go through my key tips and coaching techniques that will allow you to pull several hundred pounds
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How to Deadlift – Part 2

In part 1 of my how to deadlift series, we addressed increasing mobility at the ankle, hips and thoracic spine. Now that you are a more mobile athlete, you can just “grip and rip” the bar from the floor, right? Probably not. Even though I consider deadlifting one of the most basic lifts (after all,

How to Deadlift – Part 1

The deadlift suffers from an identity crisis from time to time. On one hand, the exercise is capable of getting you quick strength gains, bigger muscles, and faster sprint times. On the other hand, the exercise can lead to lower back pain and is probably responsible for keeping the American Chiropractic Association afloat in bad