Goals and “Goals”

Hi everyone- Rob’s wife Val here! Nice to e-meet you.  I’m excited to chime in and give you my perspective on what’s going on around our gym these days. Fitness is easy to do when you’re a kid (well, it should be…). If you are lucky like I was, there’s always a clear goal set
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Strength matters. If your goal is to be a better athlete, you should try to get stronger. Same goes if you are just trying to be good at life. But strength takes time!  It takes effort, usually lots of it, over many sessions to push past your current levels. What if I told you that
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An Update on Mulligan Fitness

Well, I have been a busy guy. Since launching Mulligan Fitness in 2013, I got engaged and married, coached two high school football seasons, moved into an apartment, bought a house, ran bootcamps and trained people both in person and online. But my latest project has been in the works long before any of those events. This project

How to Troubleshoot Shoulder Pain

If you lift long enough, you’ll probably encounter some sort of shoulder pain.  There are a million different reasons why you might feel a pinch when pressing overhead, feel tight and restricted while swinging your arms around or just feel weak in certain shoulder positions.  Each situation is different, and there’s no advice I could give on this
When I see athletes fail on clean attempts, their first instinct is to blame hip mobility or their speed under the bar (and of course, those are both  important.)    But one thing that is always overlooked is start position.  It seems like the easiest part of the lift.  Pick the bar off the floor.
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BOOM! That’s the sound of a loaded barbell being dropped from over your head. You just performed a successful power clean and jerk. That’s usually followed by another sound – the voice of the manager of your gym throwing you out for good. It is a sad reality that most gyms across America actively discourage

In Season Lifting Guide

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Fall sports are right in the middle of their respective competitive seasons. It’s also that time of the year where athletes that play strength and power sports notice a pretty sharp performance decline. The reason? They got weaker. Athletes, especially football players, spend all off
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Summer Bootcamp Recap

The Summer session of Mulligan Fitness Bootcamp has drawn to a close, and I thought this would be a good time to review how it all went down over the past 3 months. I had a blast running it, and I hope everyone that came down to the park learned something new and had a

Do This Exercise: Pallof Press

Everyone wants a good set of abs. Bodybuilders want defined, popped abs for aesthetic purposes. Athletes want strong abs to improve performance and decrease injury risk. The regular joe may want strong abs to improve posture while sitting all day. The problem is, almost all populations train their core the exact same way: repeated trunk
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