Summer Strong!

Hi all, I have a story to share about a special little girl named Summer. Summer was the youngest guest at my wedding – she was negative 3 months when I said “I do”! She was born with a full head of hair and a beautiful smile to two of my very good friends, Bob and
Happy Friday! In celebration of my first week on crutches in the books (two more to go!!), it’s time to share a few good reads I came across while sitting on the couch all day. Yay fitness! On with the links: Sugary drinks linked to 180,000 deaths a year, study says – Washington Post – In related
I am back from the West Coast! The rundown of our vacation: visited three states – California, Oregon and Washington State Saw the SF Giants play in their beautiful ballpark on a day with perfect weather Walked the entire city of San Francisco, CA

Calling an Audible

Last week while lifting in the barn, Val started doing a few warm up sets of deadlifts. She started light, but something was off. She felt a tweak in her lat/back area. Nothing serious, but she didn’t feel great. Despite all her planning and prep for a deadlift focused workout, she was forced to make

High Hangs for Better Lifts

In December of 2013, I attended the Pendlay Weightlifting Certification. It was a great experience, learning from some of the athletes and coaches on one of the top teams in America. One of the biggest takeaways was the teaching progression that Team Muscledriver USA uses. Coach Pendlay’s teaching is actually pretty simple – there are
My eyes bleed when I walk into a commercial gym for many, many, many reasons. But one that stands out more than most lately is the complete butchering of one of my favorite exercises, the kettlebell swing. Most people have the greatest of intentions – the swing looks like a fun alternative to the treadmill.
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Happy Friday! Hopefully, everyone had a good week and you are gearing up for some awesome weekend plans. Summer is starting to finally hit its stride, and I have a big week of travelling ahead of me, culminating in my brother-in-law’s wedding in Portland, Oregon. Exciting stuff, since I never have been in another US

When Enough is Enough

I have always wanted to read more books. I used to commute by train, and I finished a book every couple of weeks. Now, I commute solely by car, and my reading has plummeted. My wife suggested I try Audible, which is the biggest audio book subscription service today (think Spotify, but for books). So
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I am going to start chiming in with some of my random thoughts and opinions (to the surprise of no one who knows me, I have strong opinions). You may even get a few rants from time to time! Here’s what I’m thinking now: Monday Musings 1. Despite the many options for conditioning/cardio that are
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